2013 Year End Financial Review

Last year I did a nice little year end review of 2012. I also did monthly updates until…. I didn’t anymore. When I did that post, I had only been using the spreadsheet for half of 2012 so my review wasn’t a full year and I am actually thinking now that I reported one number as for the full year but the percentage for the half year…. ah well. I still use the same spreadsheet I talked about then to … Continue reading

Flares to Straights

As it turns out, having a clean, organized, and clutter-free space makes it easier to get those quick little projects done. Yes, I know. It’s true. I’m shocked myself so I don’t blame you for your disbelief. Yesterday some really weird bug bit me and I said yes to my daughter’s request for technology time and proceeded to spend the next 7 hours with only a brief break for lunch tackling the revolving crap room. Aka the fireplace room. Aka … Continue reading

That One Space: Entryway

I have a lot of those spaces. The troublesome ones. Awkward angles. Terrible organization. Devoid of any pretties. A habitual dumping grounds for all. The entryway has it all. It is a defined entryway but small. I don’t need a big space but this has too many corners and weird things going on. Did I mention it is small? From the front door, you see nearly everywhere. On the way to the kitchen is a closet on the right and … Continue reading

Snapshots of {November 6}

Once again, we began our day with Grandma’s surprise gift. This puzzle book was used all…. day…. long…. No complaint from me until it gets in the way of doing the things we need to do. My husband joined me for breakfast when I mentioned I was making a smoothie. His favorite shake is Burgerville’s Chocolate Monkey and since we can only get that in Oregon, I made an attempt at it. And, surprise! I put spinach in it (which … Continue reading

Snapshots of {November 5}

A new puzzle atlas book greeted Miss K when she arrived at the table this morning. Grandma had been to Half Price Book and, knowing of Miss K’s love of maps, puzzles, and books, picked up this book for her last night leaving it for Miss K to find. Predictably, she “wasn’t hungry” for breakfast. Or lunch…. Or dinner. I have been scheduling an hour of Lair Care into my morning right between Miss K’s school and lunch. It has … Continue reading