“What do YOU want to learn about?”

I felt inspired to ask Kaelyn what she wanted to learn about. This will be our third year of learning and her “official” preschool year. We’ve dabbled in workbooks, manipulatives, YouTube videos, and various other things that strike our fancy. Kaelyn loves to learn and it’s very important to me to maintain that love. Lately we have found some of our activities to be dreaded for both of us. We want to love them but, as Kaelyn put it recently, … Continue reading

Bedroom Birdies

We finally have one room in our house (that has 15 distinctive spaces) that feels done. Or at least 99% done which is the closest we’ve gotten. Ever. Early in 2013, we upgraded Kae Fae to a big girl bed and then hung some huge flowers. Although I never blogged about it, her walls were painted by the end of June (2013 still….) which you can see in my second house tour video¬†followed by a brief peek at the glitter … Continue reading

Bedside Manners

We’ve never managed to have a side table for Jared’s side of the bed. We’ve only been here four years…   As a female who tends to have lots of stuff, I made sure I got one long ago. Jared’s side was much more problematic than mine. My side is a corner of the room with no complications. Jared’s side has the bathroom door. So we couldn’t have anything big and luckily, as a male who contributes little to the … Continue reading

2013 Year End Financial Review

Last year I did a nice little year end review of 2012. I also did monthly updates until…. I didn’t anymore. When I did that post, I had only been using the spreadsheet for half of 2012 so my review wasn’t a full year and I am actually thinking now that I reported one number as for the full year but the percentage for the half year…. ah well. I still use the same spreadsheet I talked about then to … Continue reading

Flares to Straights

As it turns out, having a clean, organized, and clutter-free space makes it easier to get those quick little projects done. Yes, I know. It’s true. I’m shocked myself so I don’t blame you for your disbelief. Yesterday some really weird bug bit me and I said yes to my daughter’s request for technology time and proceeded to spend the next 7 hours with only a brief break for lunch tackling the revolving crap room. Aka the fireplace room. Aka … Continue reading