Bedroom Birdies

We finally have one room in our house (that has 15 distinctive spaces) that feels done. Or at least 99% done which is the closest we’ve gotten. Ever. Early in 2013, we upgraded Kae Fae to a big girl bed and then hung some huge flowers. Although I never blogged about it, her walls were painted by the end of June (2013 still….) which you can see in my second house tour video¬†followed by a brief peek at the glitter … Continue reading

Bedside Manners

We’ve never managed to have a side table for Jared’s side of the bed. We’ve only been here four years…   As a female who tends to have lots of stuff, I made sure I got one long ago. Jared’s side was much more problematic than mine. My side is a corner of the room with no complications. Jared’s side has the bathroom door. So we couldn’t have anything big and luckily, as a male who contributes little to the … Continue reading

2013 Year End Financial Review

Last year I did a nice little year end review of 2012. I also did monthly updates until…. I didn’t anymore. When I did that post, I had only been using the spreadsheet for half of 2012 so my review wasn’t a full year and I am actually thinking now that I reported one number as for the full year but the percentage for the half year…. ah well. I still use the same spreadsheet I talked about then to … Continue reading

Flares to Straights

As it turns out, having a clean, organized, and clutter-free space makes it easier to get those quick little projects done. Yes, I know. It’s true. I’m shocked myself so I don’t blame you for your disbelief. Yesterday some really weird bug bit me and I said yes to my daughter’s request for technology time and proceeded to spend the next 7 hours with only a brief break for lunch tackling the revolving crap room. Aka the fireplace room. Aka … Continue reading

That One Space: Entryway

I have a lot of those spaces. The troublesome ones. Awkward angles. Terrible organization. Devoid of any pretties. A habitual dumping grounds for all. The entryway has it all. It is a defined entryway but small. I don’t need a big space but this has too many corners and weird things going on. Did I mention it is small? From the front door, you see nearly everywhere. On the way to the kitchen is a closet on the right and … Continue reading